Digitalization of the Water Sector

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LoRaWAN technology offers a wide coverage range, allowing communication over tens of kilometers with low energy consumption. However, maintaining stable communications requires following certain recommendations. In urban areas, LoRaWAN gateways have a coverage of at least 15 km. They consume low power and do not entail subscription costs.

DataWater already implements LoRa technology and can use either a public network or a private network. For the latter case, you need to install TTN (The Things Network) software on your own server and ensure availability and security. Either way, we can always visualize the data on our web platform.



LOng RAnge

It’s been some time now that COVAP has been embracing LoRa technology for its communications. As many of you already know, LoRa stands for “long range,” and it’s the modulation technology used in LoRaWAN networks, which are a type of LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network). This technology enables connected IoT devices to exchange small amounts of data at low speeds, with a long range and low energy consumption.



The Internet of Things (IoT) helps us automate processes, centralize water management, and gather real-time data about resource conditions to enhance their management.

Key solutions that IoT offers to water industry managers:

Leak Detection

Early detection of leaks in the network through the implementation of balance calculations

Smart Meters

Periodic and accurate measurement of the consumption of all subscribers

Process optimization

Optimization of customer service processes, providing detailed information.

Centralized management

Centralization of management through the integration of information from various processes into a single platform.

Data Water


DataWater automaton

It records data from the reservoir and water meters to detect consumption patterns, thereby eliminating unnecessary usage and identifying potential leaks.


The solar panel battery is the system that allows storing excess energy generated by photovoltaic modules (solar panels).


It controls both the current and voltage received by these components, ensuring that the recharge occurs under optimal conditions and does not harm the batteries. The goal is to extend their lifespan.

Solar Panels

Photovoltaic panels are devices designed to capture solar radiation through solar cells in order to generate electrical energy.

What it does

Perfect Numbers

Ofrecemos al conjunto de la sociedad las herramientas necesarias para conectar el mundo físico con el mundo digital a través de tecnologías como Internet de las Cosas, Big Data e Inteligencia Artificial con el objetivo de ser más eficiente, digital y sostenible.


Cómo funciona

Conexión de sensores

Instalar y conectar los sensores adecuados en función de las características del depósito.

Configuración de parámetros de la instalacion

Registrar los parámetros de altura del depósito, volumén de litros para la correcta confirguración de las alarmas en tiempor real.

Activar dispositivo para registro en tiempo real

En cuestión de minutos estas recibiendo las mediciones de tu depósito desde un servidor en la nube que almacena los datos de manera permanente y segura.


Dispositivo Data Water

DataWater Básico


Sistema completo de telemetría con posibilidad de conexión a paneles reguladores de cloro y caudalímetros.

DataWater Elite


Sistema completo de telemetría con posibilidad de conexión a paneles reguladores de cloro y caudalímetros.

Incluye sistema para medir niveles en depósitos de cloro.

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