DataWater Telemetry System

Comprehensive control of your water supply. At any time and from anywhere you will be able to know the status of your installation. Water level, chlorine level, Ph, flows. Anything you need to measure is at your fingertips with the DataWater monitoring system.

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DataWater – Avoid Stockouts

We guarantee the healthiness of drinking water. We remotely measure the water, Ph and chlorine levels. We indicate the percentage of chlorine in water and the level of chlorine in the tank, generating alarms caused by incidents.

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Unique products

We adapt the solution to the client’s needs. We innovate every day to differentiate ourselves and create value.


IoT Leader

Pioneers in IoT solutions for liquid measurement. #DataBeer, #DataWine, #DataCoffee, #DataLact.


Competitive prices

The best value in the market. We adapt to your budget.

Supply Supervision

The information instantly

Access all your supplies quickly. With a single glance, check the water levels of each one of them. In case you want to see the information in more detail, you just have to click with your finger.

Periodically you will receive messages with information of interest about new applications and new features incorporated into the DataWater solution.

Pumps operation

Control of water pumps

You will quickly and intuitively check which pumps are working and for how long. If you wish, you can act on them manually or automatically.

We activate the pumps based on the water level of the tanks through a simple configuration.

Some opinions from our clients

Primitivo Sierra

Primitivo Iglesias

We have 16 water tanks monitored with DataWater.

Roberto Fernández

Roberto Fernández

A simple and effective solution accompanied by the best technical service


Cati Iglesias

We avoid daily trips to deposits with the consequent savings.

Satisfied Costumers

More than 30 municipalities already trust DataWater

To Pastoriza (16 deposits). Abadín (2 deposits). Alfoz (2 deposits). As Nogais (1 deposit). Antas de Ulla (2 deposits). Baleira (1 deposit). Begonte (2 deposits). Castro de Rei (3 deposits). Castroverde (1 deposit). Lancara (1 deposit). Folgoso de la Ribera (3 deposits). Or Valadouro (4 deposits). Xove (12 deposits). Guitiriz (3 deposits). Ourol (5 deposits). Ribeira de Piquin (5 tanks). Tournament (1 deposit). Torre del Bierzo (6 deposits). Sanxenxo (2 deposits). Ribadumia (1 deposit). Or Grove (2 deposits). Meis (1 deposit). Rubiá (6 deposits). Torre del Bierzo (6 deposits). Cercedo-Cotobade (2 deposits). Carballedo (3 deposits). Montemayor del Río (2 deposits). Villaquejida (1 deposit).

Last News

DataWater A Pobra Brollon

DataWater A Pobra Brollon

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DataWater Commonwealth of Salnés

DataWater Commonwealth of Salnés

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DataWater in the food industry

DataWater in the food industry

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Available 24/7

Information always available. The most important data such as the water level in the tank, the chlorine level in water, or the Ph level, always at your fingertips to ensure the health of drinking water.

If you need personalized attention we are always at your service.

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