The correct management of water in food companies improves energy efficiency and helps sustainability.

The Control Plan for the water used in the processes of the food industry is one of the prerequisites that companies in this sector must carry out within their self-control system.

The main objective is to certify the safety that the water used in the processes of manufacturing, treatment, cleaning or use of materials and tools that may be in contact with food, is adequate and free of any type of chemical or infectious contaminating agent. , that does not cause harmful effects on health.

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Intermediate Deposit

Before using the water for cleaning and disinfection, it is chlorinated in an intermediate tank to ensure that only the water that we are going to use is chlorinated.

Food industries must have appropriate facilities for water storage and distribution. Guaranteeing the safety of the water supply is based on carrying out controls from the origin of the water to its use, avoiding its contamination or detecting levels that are harmful to health in time.

The maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of the supply system is very important when using water from wells or from external companies with storage tanks.

DataWater Lualco

DataWater LUALCO instalación

Datawater Automaton

Telemetry system for water tanks in the food industry with connection to meters to measure consumption in real time.

Chlorine level

Control of the chlorine level in the auxiliary tank to control consumption and know when it should be replaced.

Contador agua LUALCO

Dosing pump

For each pulse received from the counter, the pump injects the programmed amount of chlorine.

Contador de agua

For each pulse received from the counter, the pump injects the programmed amount of chlorine.


Underground deposit

The factory facilities have a main underground tank where the water from the different intakes arrives, where measurements are also collected to find out how much water we are storing.

Deposito soterrado LUALCO 1
Deposito soterrado LUALCO
Deposito soterrado LUALCO 2

DataWater Telemetry System



Main Deposit


Fiberglass tank.

DataWater Web Dashboard

Software for the centralized management and administration of all LUALCO warehouses.

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