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Telemetría para camiones cisterna

Energy consumption in real time.

Telemetry for water pumps

DataWatt is a telemetry solution that allows measuring the energy consumption of the pumps for water collection through triphasic current analyzers. It integrates with DataWater to have all the information centralized and accessible from a single point.

Telemetry for water pumps

Telemetry for water pumps

By monitoring energy consumption at all times, knowing the status and water levels of the tanks fed by the pumps, we can generate significant savings, in addition to receiving alarms in the event of any incident.

Reduction of operating costs

Knowing the energy consumption and the amount of water in each tank allows us to better manage the integral water cycle, avoiding waste and consumption only when energy is cheaper, in off-peak hours.

Complement to DataWater

Telemetry for water pumps

Telemetry in water pumps refers to real-time monitoring of the consumption of each of the phases. It was born as a complement to another solution (DataWater), to guarantee the supply of water and its health.

Consumption control.

Telemetry for water pumps.

We can also complement the fuel level with sensors that allow us to measure the level of fuel in the tank, as well as detect its loading and unloading. Through this system, alerts are generated in the event that an attempt is made to extract hydrocarbons illegally.

Analizadores trifásicos

Control from smartphone

You can monitor from a smartphone receiving alarms in real time


Chlorine deposit

Chlorine level measurement.


Water tank

Chlorine level measurement in water.



Graphs with filters to view history.

Millions of Registered data

Monitored water pumps

Kw year Saved

Satisfied customers

“Using online water quality monitoring technologies, we minimize the risks of pollutant discharges that affect water use and health. DataWater systems automate processes and control with sensors and analyzers, providing reliable data continuously “


Marcos Balboa Beltrán

“Automatic monitoring and the use of data engineering minimize risks and reduce water contamination by making effective decisions in real time. The safety and quality of the drinking water supply will be the focus of attention in the future due to the effects of climate change.”

Lincold Iberica

Daniel Figueroa

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