We have started the workshops of the academy phase (or pre-acceleration) of the 5th edition of ViaGalicia at the CEL Iniciativas Foundation in Lugo. This program is launched by the Xunta de Galicia and Zona Franca de Vigo, and in which other important entities of the Galician entrepreneurial ecosystem collaborate. We will receive training, advice, networking sessions, tutorials, presentation sessions (pitch), coworking and if we are finally chosen, financing.

The 20 projects selected in this phase of the academy are:

• Besherpa – A company in the IT sector that develops a tool to facilitate the promotion of active tourism companies’ activities and business management.
• BISQATO – A biotechnology project, an artisan dairy workshop targeting the hospitality industry and specialized stores to highlight the importance of a product as significant as cheese.
• IoT Data Control – A Industry 4.0 project focused on designing, producing, and marketing products and services for process monitoring using open-source technologies.
• Ecobodegas – Domestic wine cellars activated by air-to-ground geothermal exchangers, 100% self-sufficient and sustainable.
• Emérita Legal – A qualitative lawyer comparator. It allows users to find the best lawyer for their case, based on real data from won cases.
• Destination Experiences – A platform for real-time implementation of tourism and leisure products for all types of audiences. Targeted nationally and internationally.
• KASUVA – A B2B platform that supports SMEs in Latin America and Spain to export, import, or find business partners among themselves.
• La gran faba – Commercialization of Lourenzá faba beans and fifth-range products.
• LegalMit – A platform that enables the search for the right lawyer for each case and the resolution of legal issues without waiting or traveling, entirely online, 24/365.
• LudoApp – An app to motivate children to do household chores through rewards while educating them about effort.
• n.lockfy, share everything everywhere – A home automation project. An IoT solution for secure key sharing and lock opening, without the need for an internet connection.
• NETFEELING – Engage & Manage Your Customers – An innovative scalable SaaS solution for customer loyalty and management, with an innovative marketing model.
• Orballo, Galician tea – A focus on local products. Europe’s first organic and high-quality tea.
• oSIGris – Precision agriculture software that allows the labeling of all agricultural units.
• RocketForms – A platform for interactive generation of intelligent forms that can be easily integrated into any website or application.
• SCS Logistics (Supply Chain Solution) – B2B development and rental of reusable industrial packaging to flexibly optimize logistic process needs.
• Tidyant cloud utilities – Cloud Computing Saas for sales and after-sales management for companies with customer service. Aims for service excellence.
• Tractus – An online computerized management service for producers and transformers in the agri-food sector. Monthly subscription, distributed as SaaS.
• TROCANDO – A platform that facilitates land parcel swaps between individuals and/or companies.
• URBAN DIGITAL BOX – Unique solutions based on GIS, BIG Data, and Data Science focused on urban mobility and smart cities.

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