MonteMayor del Rio

Two new DataWater  points on the map. Water management in rural areas.


Venta Reservoir

To reach the Venta reservoir, you need to leave the asphalt road and follow a quite bumpy track. The reservoir is relatively new but doesn’t have electricity, so a ladder was necessary to climb from the exterior to the top for the installation of the photovoltaic panel. Inside, it has 2 separate compartments, so 2 sensors need to be placed.

From its location in a fairly high area, you can see the village of Montemayor with its beautiful castle.

DataWater Montemayor del Rio

DataWater automaton

Telemetry system for potable water reservoirs.


Connects the photovoltaic panels to the battery for energy storage.

Solar Panel

The recommended orientation is usually to the SOUTH at 30 degrees. In summer, flatter angles (15 degrees) are better, and in winter, steeper angles (45 degrees) are more effective.


GEL batteries for solar panels endure high discharge cycles and are ideal for powering low-power devices.


Monte Reservoir

To reach the Monte reservoir, when you leave through the main entrance of the village, you first have to go uphill and then downhill through tracks filled with leaf litter. With dry ground, you can reach the stream, but when it’s wet, getting close without an off-road vehicle is not easy. And they didn’t mislead us, they said we had to cross a stream, and it’s no joke – we didn’t fully understand until we saw it. The truth is, we had to cross the stream many times to transport the equipment, and it wasn’t a small amount. Solar panel, mount, battery, and all the tools.

DataWater Telemetry System

Montemayor del Rio

Venta Reservoir

Reservoir with 2 separate chambers and a photovoltaic system to power the electronics.

Depósito de Monte

Reservoir with 1 chamber and a photovoltaic system to power the electronics, with an external protective box.

Panel Web DataWater

Software for centralized management and administration of all municipal reservoirs.

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