A new DataWater en Leon. Water management in rural areas.


Main reservoir

Sensors connected through IoT can gather real-time data on water consumption, water levels in reservoirs, river flows, and other water resources.

This information enables accurate monitoring and analysis, facilitating well-informed decision-making regarding water usage and distribution. Water sensors can detect leaks and promptly notify users or administrators. This aids in identifying and addressing issues promptly, preventing unnecessary water loss and significant infrastructure damage.

Reserve Management:
With IoT, water levels in reservoirs and tanks can be controlled and optimized.
This enables a more efficient use of water resources, avoiding wastage and ensuring an adequate supply for rural communities.

DataWater Telemetry System

DataWater in the Villaquejida

Town Hall

Venta Reservoir

Reservoir with 2 separate chambers and a photovoltaic system to power the electronics.

Monte Reservoir

Reservoir with 1 chamber and a photovoltaic system to power the electronics, with an external protective box.

DataWater Web Panel

Software for the centralized management and administration of all municipal reservoirs.

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